Hard Shoulder - Extreme Trapeze

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Hard Shoulder consists of two of the country's best aerial acrobats. They perform a highly skilled, very fast and exciting doubles trapeze act to a pumping soundtrack.

This dynamic duo have thrilled audiences around the world with their skill, strength and daring.

Featuring tricks and moves that are not performed by any other duo in the world - this is an act to see.

Hard Shoulder in action on the trapeze
Hard Shoulder - Extreme Trapeze

"Your show was breathtaking and as the majority of the audience have a gymnastic background the gasps of admiration from the very knowledgeable audience is indeed a compliment of the highest order. Thanks again for your contribution and making the evening very special"

Lieutenant Colonel (MAA) G B Jones, Army School of Physical Training

"They make the daring young man of yesteryear look like a quivering coward" - The Star

"David is awesome but, letís face it, Jamie is the good-looking one" - Jamie

"Well, thatís not what all the girls say when theyíre in my dressing room!" - David

Hard Shoulder - Extreme Trapeze